Wearing the correct CAT 4 arc flash PPE doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort.  National Safety Apparel® offers a wide variety of 40 cal ArcGuard® arc flash kits, and we have a solution for you. Our 40 cal RevoLite™ arc flash kit is our lightest weight, breathable suit and is packed with premium features. How light you ask? Suit-to-suit, it is 50% lighter than our traditional offering. Lightweight means comfort, and RevoLite provides. 

Our 40 cal ArcGuard Arc Flash Kits are the CAT 4 protection your team needs. In NFPA 70E, CAT 4 starts at 40 cal/cm2, and is one of the popular protection levels for arc flash PPE. Providing protection from head to toe, our 40 cal kits include 360 degree FR/AR head protection in an arc flash hood (and a bag to protect it!); and flame resistant, arc-rated body protection in a variety of options to suit your needs: short coats and bibs, or long coats and leggings. Don’t forget your hands: our class 2 voltage rated gloves and leather protectors are included in our kits in a handy bag to keep them protected. You bring the boots, and pack everything into the included large gear bag and you’ll have it at hand when needed.

National Safety Apparel prides itself on making our arc flash PPE for arc ratings up to 100 cal and packing our kits in the US at our Cleveland, OH locations.