It's new from the National Safety Apparel House of Brands: AG Safety.




NEW! National Safety Apparel is excited to share that we have added Kunz Glove as a new brand to our House of Brands. See the full line of products here.








The exclusive, premium fabrics used to manufacture DRIFIRE® FR clothing combine moisture wicking and fast drying technologies for comfort with arc rated, flame resistant and hi-vis FR options. Whether in the bucket truck, the oil field or anywhere else in an industrial workforce, DRIFIRE’s high performance FR clothing is lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable while protecting against arc flash, flash fire and visibility hazards. Find everything from cool, comfortable DRIFIRE FR base layers to FR work shirts, coveralls and outerwear.





You know you’re wearing comfortable dual hazard protection when you choose TECGEN® FR. The exclusive, patented fibers, fabrics and designs used to create TECGEN FR apparel make them lightweight and breathable while offering protection against arc flash and flash fire hazards, meeting compliances for NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112. Wear top quality performance and get top quality protection from the rig to the bucket truck. TECGEN is Protecting Comfort™. Check out the wide inventory of options here.  




Women Deserve Their Own FRC Brand and that brand is HauteWork®. Compliant to NFPA 70E and UL Certified to NFPA 2112 for flash fire, HauteWork features options designed to fit women and provide flame resistant protection combined with comfort and style to inspire confidence. HauteWork is FR Clothing Designed for Women by Women in the STEM field from coveralls and pants to work shirts and sweatshirts with dual hazard protection. Find out more about the brand and view the growing line of options available.





National Safety Apparel’s Union Line™ brand is proudly 100% union and USA made since 1907. Union made clothing options include non-FR workwear and casual wear, and Union Line FR, a line of flame resistant workwear that is comfortable and durable. Whether you’re looking for polo shirts, jeans, t-shirts, outerwear or FR clothing, Union Line has a fit for you. See more about National Safety Apparel’s Union Line products or visit the site for more.





Designed to be noticed and constructed to be comfortable, VIZABLE® FR provides plenty of options for you. From hi-vis FR vests to sweatshirts and jackets, VIZABLE FR is the standard in high-visibility and flame resistant workwear. Choose from a variety of ANSI 107 colors, classes and types with reflective tape along with arc flash and flash fire protective options. Made or designed in the USA, VIZABLE garments are customizable to fit specific industry needs for comfort and compliance. Learn more about the brand and view the wide selection of VIZABLE hi-vis options.




In work environments where you face high heat and thermal hazards or sparks and splatter, CARBON ARMOUR™ has options that have you covered from head-to-toe with thermal and welding protection. From FR base layers to aluminized apparel for radiant heat and molten metal splash protection, CARBON ARMOUR features USA made, customizable garment choices to find the right fit of breathable, high performance flame resistant protection from thermal hazards for you. Browse the entire CARBON ARMOUR line now.




When it comes to working around energized equipment and potentially fatal hazards including arc flash, it’s important to have task based PPE you can trust from brands such as ArcGuard®. National Safety Apparel’s arc flash protective clothing and PPE line provides workers in electrical maintenance, manufacturing and utilities industry with arc flash kits, including suits, voltage rated gloves, head gear and more. With experts in design and manufacturing, National Safety Apparel can help customize arc flash PPE for your specific needs. Find your arc flash solution with ArcGuard today.




With innovative designs, top quality fabrics and rigorous test methods, cutGUARD™ is the brand to trust for cut protection and more. cutGUARD provides puncture protection and abrasion resistance for full cut/mechanical protection in float glass manufacturing, fabrications, window and door manufacturing, glaziers and more. From premium fabrics to customizable offerings with experts in design and manufacturing, cutGUARD from National Safety Apparel has a solution for cut protective wear that can be trusted. View full cut protective products here.



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