When the U.S. Marines had an urgent need for high performance FR base layers to protect their soldiers in Afghanistan, DRIFIRE rose the challenge. Not just for the Battlefield, DRIFIRE superior comfort and protection is also available in FR Work Wear that provides protection from arc flash and flash fire hazards. The DRIFIRE line of FR Clothing utilizes many exclusive and patented fabrics that utilize the same moisture-wicking and fast-drying technology used in your favorite athletic apparel. From cool, comfortable DRIFIRE FR base layers to FR work shirts, outerwear and everything in between, DRIFIRE protects you so you can do your job comfortably without distraction.

Born on the Battlefield. Built for Work.- find everything DRIFIRE now.





Enespro PPE was founded in 2018 by highly experienced professionals with long careers in the electrical safety industry. Why? Because electrical personal protective equipment (PPE) hadn’t changed in decades. The development process started with extensive market research with electrical and safety professionals, who confirmed traditional electrical PPE was heavy and hot. Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was hard to put on and take off, making the job harder. These pain points were the driving force behind the next generation of electrical and arc flash PPE in the Enespro line of products. The goal was to provide PPE workers wanted to wear, that made their job easier and, even more important, safer. Enespro joined the National Safety Apparel family in 2021.

Enespro PPE – Electrical Safety PPE Reinvented.




Kunz Glove has been providing made in the USA leather gloves to American workers since 1900. They take pride in providing the best quality leather gloves in the power utility industry. From the meticulous selection of raw materials to their durability and dexterity, Kunz Glove gives you confidence that you have the highest quality gloves. Kunz was acquired by NSA in 2020.

View high-quality Kunz leather work gloves and protectors now.

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