Molten Metal, Thermal, and Heat Resistant PPE 

National Safety Apparel is a leader in producing USA made thermal, heat resistant, aluminized and molten metal PPE to keep America’s workers safe since 1935. 

From molten metal protective clothing, thermal and heat resistant PPE, we have solutions to protect against molten metal splash, arc flash, radiant heat and contact heat by using the latest lightweight fabric technology.  

Our CARBON ARMOUR base layers, jackets and aluminized PPE are lightweight and include innovative features that keep workers safe in high temperatures in any environment, provide splash protection and combat heat stress hazards.   

Have a unique need? Our 6 U.S. factories and in house design team allow us to create custom PPE solutions when off-the shelf just won’t do! Contact us to learn more 

Reach out to our knowledgeable customer service representatives with any questions, contact one of our sales reps near you or find out how to buy

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Thermal heat-protective clothing protects against molten splash, arc flash, radiant heat, and contact heat.

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