Custom Bellow Boot Covers

Order flame-resistant bellow boots in from National Safety Apparel with customizable options to fit the needs for your hydraulic cylinders, screw jacks and caster maintenance to robotic arms.


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As a market leader in sewn FR bellow boots for the manufacturing and automotive industries, National Safety Apparel provides customizable options just for you. We manufacture bellow boots in various shapes, sizes and configurations for multiple hazards.

Our flame resistant bellow boots seal and protect machinery against hazards including:


  • High heat environments
  • Arc flash
  • Abrasion
  • Chemicals
  • Oil
  • Pressure
  • Water or moisture

National Safety Apparel offers custom manufacturing option for bellow covers including:


  • Custom specifications
  • Base fabric
  • Coating
  • Mounting method and accessories
  • Environmental factors
  • Weight and additional considerations