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National Safety Apparel Career Opportunities

Are you an energetic, hardworking, detail-oriented person with a positive attitude looking for a career?

Look no further - National Safety Apparel is the company for you.

We are proud to have employees from over 42 different countries represented at our company headquarters.

We are focused on expanding and further diversifying our team.

Innovation is the core value that drives us each day to be superior.

If you feel you have an innovative attitude and are the right fit for our company, take the first step to potentially join our amazing team.

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National Safety Apparel is dedicated to providing the most dependable safety apparel to protect the toughest workers with the toughest jobs in the utility, manufacturing, and steel industries as well as our armed forces on the battlefield. From our beginnings in the midst of the Great Depression to the Fourth Generation of the family now at the helm of the commitment to provide high-quality safety apparel to our customers. Our house of brands located in Cleveland, Ohio is designed by our family of over 600 US workers from over 42 different countries dedicated to keeping protecting your family at work and getting them home safely, day after day.


National Safety Apparel is honored to be recognized by Cleveland-based Manufacturing Works for our contribution to the fight against COVID-19. The NSA teams rose to the challenge to address the PPE needs of the front lines: pivoting our manufacturing to learn new processes, adjust our manufacturing capabilities, and meet the challenges of the changing global environment – all while maintaining our commitment to our current customers.






Sewing Machine Operators are an essential part of our team, sewing and manufacturing safety garments and apparel at National Safety Apparel that help ensure our customers get home day after day. 



 “When I think about my life before NSA I realize and appreciate just how great it’s been working here. I’ve been impressed with the way everyone from upper management down cares about the employees just as much as the product we manufacture. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge in both the product and the processes, helped to develop innovative ways to improve processing and services to our customers, and challenged to find new ways of training and developing a department. All things I really enjoy and all while having a work/life balance I never thought I would have. Suggestions are listened to and explored to see if it’s a better way. Because of all of this, I am proud of working for NSA and would suggest it to anyone looking to find a place to grow and be successful.“ - Beth, Account Manager



"Many reasons why I love working for NSA, but the most important are: the people I work with; NSA helped me develop as a leader and a mentor; NSA provided the opportunity of continuous professional improvement through product and process innovation." - Valentina, Manufacturing Manager 


"I truly love my job here at NSA. I look forward to going to work every day. I work with many different departments and I find everyone I come in contact with here is friendly and helpful.  I can’t think of another place I ever worked that I liked better than NSA!" - Wendy, Inventory Control Specialist







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