HYDROlite FR™ 2.0


HYDROlite FR™ 2.0 combats extreme weather elements while exceeding the required arc flash and flame resistant protection you need. Rain, sleet and snow roll off of breathable GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric and keeps the chill at bay.

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Defining Comfort

Based on feedback from end users the top 3 qualities of a comfortable garment are:


Doesn't weigh you down


Allows heat & air to flow through

Moisture Wicking

Pulls moisture away from the body

Comfort Encourages Compliance

Comfortable rain gear that provides arc flash and foul weather protection enables electrical utility workers to safely work long hours in challening conditions and on challenging tasks. GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric combines protection from arc flashes with a PPE CAT Level 3 rating, waterproof and windproof protection as well as hi-visibility protection that meets and exceeds ANSI 107-2020 and CSA Z96-15. GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric provides utility lineman proven protection from the elements, arc flash exposure with the comfort and durability needed in utility workwear.

2016 survey of safety professionals that were asked “What do you think are the main reasons for noncompliance with PPE protocols?”

Comfort Chart

Building a layered
climate system

High-Performance Outer Shell

Waterproof garments keep weather out, while wind-blocking helps maintain warmth. Breathable fabrics and moisture wicking technologies prevent overheating and allowing perspiration to escape, keeping you comfortable and dry inside and out.

Cold Weather Layering HYDROlite 2
Cold Weather Layering 1

Head Protection

Look for breathable and moisture wicking to reduce heat loss without overheating.

Moisture Wicking Layer

It’s important to stay dry because moisture against the skin contributes to an increased rate of heat loss. According to the CDC, hypothermia can occur at mild temperatures (above 40 degrees F) “if a person becomes chilled from rain, sweat, or submersion in cold water.”

Light, Loose Layers

Well-fitting garments that are not skin tight provide better insulation due to air gaps, which help keep you warm without overheating. Light layers provide the ability to adjust to changing temperatures through the day by removing layers, versus one heavy and bulky garment.

Insulation Layer

Sweatshirts or fleece jackets work to keep warm air in and can be easily removed as conditions change. Zip fronts are more practical because they can be unzipped to release hot air as you work up a sweat.


Breathability Testing with RET

  • Testing is precise and at controlled conditions
  • Simulates actual interaction between body and textile garments
  • RET value measured with the Skin Model correlates directly with the wearer’s skin wetness (comfort) on the garments

Staying Dry is Important in Arc Flash Hazards

  • Excess moisture increases the risk for more severe burns (from steam) in the event of an arc flash.

Breathability Testing with RET

Comfort Chart

Water Proof

Water-Proof Performance

Comfort Chart

Low Water Pick-Up

  • Garments stay lightweight in wet conditions
  • Dry faster

High Water Pick-Up

  • Garments get heavier
  • Longer dry time = opportunity for odor/bacteria growth

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