Welding Protective Clothing


The welding industry and its workers play a vital role in fabricating parts and metals for the structures, transportation vehicles and other infrastructure around us. In doing so, they face several potential hazards such as sparks and burns as well as the potential for electric shock and heat stress. 

National Safety Apparel has been proudly manufacturing flame resistant thermal protective clothing ideal for welding safety including aprons, jackets, gloves and more since 1935. Contact our customer service team to find out more about our welding protective clothing options or get in touch with your regional sales manager to find a distributor near you.


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Burns and Slag or Sparks


Working around metals and machines at hot temperatures make burns and slag or sparks a very prevalent hazard. These hazards are dangerous just in name, but wearing the wrong type of protective clothing while welding or in the shop can turn these hazards into severe injuries and even fatality. Slag and sparks can stick and burn through clothing that is not flame resistant or not compliant and cause burn injuries that are painful, but preventable with items such as welding jackets and other welding clothing.



CARBON AMOUR welding jackets, pants, coveralls and various glove options are an easy choice to protect against metal sparks and slag that can stick to clothing and cause burn injuries. CARBON AMOUR welding protective clothing provides flame resistant protection so that any spark, splatter or slag from torches, machines or metals won’t ignite the clothing and cause burn injuries to the wearer.

Welders don’t necessarily need CARBON AMOUR Silvers, which is aluminized PPE that reflects radiant heat, but Silvers are ideal welding clothing options that can protect against high temperatures welders face in shops.

Arc Flash and Arc Rays


Arc welding as its name suggests is different from other types of welding and puts welders at risk to hazards such as arc flash and arc rays. Electric welding arcs can cause burns from exposure to ultra-violet radiation from the power supply and point of contact with the metal worked on.

While it doesn’t cause a typical arc flash, this type of welding with an open electric arc or flame can cause a fire and damage due to exposure to the ultraviolet light.


Welding Shields


In any type of welding, faceshields are an important part of welding PPE to protect against this easily preventable hazard. With multiple options for any type of welding, our welding faceshields are ready for the job. National Safety Apparel’s welding shields are available in different shades and tints to reduce UV exposure and infrared radiation. 

CARBON AMOUR jackets, aprons, pants and other welding clothing can help prevent against the same burns that come from other types of welding and from sparks igniting clothing. Check to see which CARBON ARMOUR welding protective clothing options have an arc rating.


Heat Stress


Welding shops are hot, especially right at the source of the flame and job. Heat stress is a hazard that can cause productivity and focus issues, which could then lead to other hazards to become more dangerous. Heat stress can be easily prevented or at least reduced with the proper welding protective clothing that also provides flame resistance and other protection.


CARBON AMOUR Base Layers and Balaclavas


CARBON AMOUR base layers provide flame resistant protection so they also won’t ignite if they’re exposed to sparks or any sort of welding particles from the flame or metal. Welding clothing, specifically base layer options, are also designed to be breathable, lightweight and offer moisture wicking and fast drying technology for additional comfort. 

FR balaclavas are an important piece of welding protective clothing that can help prevent heat stress issues. Thermal protective FR balaclavas provide additional flame resistant protection when worn under faceshields and hoods. High heat balaclavas are made of lightweight materials in order to remain comfortable during the hottest times in the shop and around open flames.