Welding Protective FR Clothing

Helmets and goggles are a no-brainer when it comes to welding PPE, but those sparks and slag carry hazards beyond head and eye protection in welding shops. What about electric shock from welding equipment for machine faults? Are your arms and hands protected from burn injuries caused by those sparks and splatter? Working in extreme temperatures that you can find in many welding shops not only causes heat stress problems, but the uncomfortable conditions can make anyone susceptible to distraction that can lead to other avoidable incidents.

Protective welding FR clothing that protects from radiant heat, including breathable work shirts and coats, as well as aluminized clothing allows welders in shops to maintain the needed balance between comfort and protection to stay focused and safe. FR base layers that regulate skin temperature go a long way towards that comfort and safety.

Arc flash gear including high voltage gloves or aluminized sleeves allow for full body protection from splatter and splash as well.

National Safety Apparel has been manufacturing USA made thermal PPE since 1935 so welders can depend on comfortable protection in heat and against hazards to get the job done.