VIZABLE® High Visibility Workwear

Today’s workforce wants high visibility workwear that delivers performance, protection and comfort, and VIZABLE® has a solution for you.

In the field and in the workplace, your team needs protection from as many hazards as possible, with as much comfort as possible. VIZABLE is hi-vis workwear that performs on the job: our workwear provides the visibility you need and our FR hi-vis clothing protects against flash fire and arc flash hazards, with 360 degree visibility.



There's a VIZABLE® Hi-Vis Solution for you

VIZABLE workwear is USA Made hi-vis safety vests; VIZABLE FR features hi-vis FR vests, shirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear – off the shelf. We’ve got a wide variety of hi-vis FR clothing - tested and compliant to industry standards. We can personalize your hi-vis clothing and hi-vis FR for your team: logos, features, or additional reflective trim. Off the shelf doesn’t fit your needs?  We can take it to the next level and create a custom solution that meets the unique high visibility safety apparel needs of your team.  Our ability to customize - and do it quickly - sets us apart from the rest.

We know Hi-Vis FR

Flame resistant clothing is our expertise and for years we've created garments that are compliant to Arc Flash and Flame Resistant standards. Every day, National Safety Apparel provides innovative and high quality safety apparel to our customers to get them home safely.  Our hi-vis FR clothing is compliant to NFPA 70E and many of our FR hi-vis styles are dual hazard - compliant to NFPA 70E for arc flash, and also UL certified to NFPA 2112 for flash fire protection. 

Don't forget comfort

We build this into our VIZABLE high visibility clothing, whether workwear or our FR hi-vis. Many of our VIZABLE FR t-shirts and FR work shirts are high performance: moisture wicking and breathable to keep you visible, and as cool and comfortable as possible on those unbearably hot days. Made in Cleveland, Ohio, we are proud to go to work alongside you, helping you to be seen and protected.

Check out the extensive line of hi-vis PPE from VIZABLE and VIZABLE FR

 Construction & Road Vests

Public Safety Vests

VIZABLE High Visibility Safety Apparel


FR Hi-Vis Sweatshirts  

FR Hi-Vis Work Shirts  

VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Sweatshirts

VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Work Shirts




Since 1935, National Safety Apparel has cultivated innovation to protect workers. Constantly exploring new fabrics, technologies and designs, pacing ourselves to keep up with the challenges some of the world’s hardest working industries face on a daily basis.  VIZABLE is proud to be part of NSA’s house of premium safety brands

High Visibility Safety Apparel: Orange or White - Which is Safer?

Looking for more information on high visibility safety apparel? Check out our whitepaper on Choosing Between Orange and Yellow High Visibility Safety App

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