Utilities FR Clothing

Utility workers face multiple hazards on work sites every day. Utility workers including lineman, construction workers and even welders, face arc flash hazards and roadway hazards. Dual hazard protective clothing such as arc rated flame resistant clothing, arc flash PPE, hi-vis FR clothing and FR outerwear that includes protection from exposure to flammable gases and liquids should be implemented in any PPE plan for utility worker safety. A full-fledged PPE plan that goes beyond just FR clothing is needed to protect utility workers.

National Safety Apparel’s innovative products include a full inventory of garments that provide arc flash protection for electrical safety. Find comfortable daily FR clothing and PPE in the form of FR hi-vis Clothing that meets standards for visibility in ANSI 107 and provides flame resistant protection in options that keep you comfortable no matter the weather conditions. Arc rated FR base layers, utility work shirts, coveralls and outerwear from National Safety Apparel makes being compliant by wearing the right PPE at all times easy thanks the comfort and versatility needed for all workers in the Utilities industries.