Arc Protection with Protera® Fabric 

DuPont™ Protera® offers the inherent protection of DuPont™ Nomex® brand fiber that provides comfort and durability.
DuPont™ Protera® is NFPA 70E-compliant fabric that is breathable, lightweight and helps manufacturers provide electricians, utility workers, and other industrial workers with inherently thermal-resistant garments for electric arc protection. Protera® fabric helps deliver the right level of arc flash protection for the job and can stand up to repeated washes. Along with this built-in protection, Protera® offers excellent durability that helps prevent rips and tears, so workers get more use from each garment. And because it’s rigorously tested by DuPont scientists and engineers, workers know that the fabric used to make their garments is not only compliant, but can stand up to the tough jobs they perform.

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Flame Resistant Nomex®

Nomex® Brand Fiber Provides Lightweight, Heat and Flame-Resistant Solutions 
When you think of Nomex®, you probably think of firefighter apparel. However, the inherent protection of Nomex® is relied on by people and processes in a wide range of applications around the world. 

In addition to the more than three million firefighters worldwide who are protected by apparel made with Nomex®, there are millions of other people around the globe, including military personnel, police officers, auto racing teams and industrial workers, who rely on the inherent heat and flame resistant properties and durability of Nomex® fiber to help keep them safe from the everyday hazards they face on the job.

Nomex® also plays a critical role in helping to protect and improve the performance of a wide variety of things that are essential to our way of life, such as mass transit vehicles, wind turbine systems, aircraft components, electrical transformers and automotive components. Nomex® helps protect and preserve our way of life.

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Gloves made with DuPont™ Kevlar® — Protection at Work 

Workers depend on their skills to get the job done safely. More importantly, they depend on their hands to put those skills to work. Innovative gloves made with Kevlar® fiber helps protect them for the job at hand. Knowing safety is something you can’t take for granted, DuPont scientists engineered the superior cut protection of Kevlar®. Unlike nylon, polyester and polyethylene, gloves, mittens and sleeves made of Kevlar® fiber are inherently flame-resistant so they won’t burn, support combustion, or melt—making them a smart choice for those who encounter high levels of heat on the job.

To ensure that workers get a right level of safety, DuPont has implemented a new product identification system that globally aligns the cut resistance of our offerings to ISO and ASTM standards. This system enables manufacturers to find a suitable level of cut protection of manufacturers’ gloves using Kevlar® fiber based solutions. Also, for users and safety managers, our new Glove Selector Tool serves as a guide for decision makers to help them assess hazards and choose the appropriate cut protection for glove and accessories with confidence.

And the innovations continue: DuPont recently opened a new Kevlar® plant near Charleston, South Carolina, that uses state of the art technology, expands product line flexibility and improves productivity. The Kevlar® fibers produced there are light weight yarns which will allow manufacturers to make gloves that are even lighter to not only help increase worker safety through more frequent use, but also help improve dexterity and comfort for the wearer.

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