HYDROlite FR Rainwear Product Care

Below are the product care instructions for NSA's HYDROlite FR rainwear. These care instructions cover all HYDROlite FR products including FR rain jackets, FR bib overalls, and FR trench coats. To maintain optimal protection, it is important to launder these garments according to the specific product care instructions. 



- DO NOT use bleach or chlorine
- DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide
- DO NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets
- DO NOT dry clean 

Wash/Laundering Instructions:
- Wash separately from other garments  
- Machine wash warm (max. 120°F/50°C) using mild detergent
- Rinse 4 times (adding extra rinse to standard 3-rinse cycle) to remove all soil and detergent residues
- Dawn Dish Liquid is recommended for oil based stains. Pre-treat the area, soak for stubborn stains or mild stain treatments may be used. Ensure the product is completely rinsed from the fabric before drying.

- Turn garment inside out before drying
- Tumble dry using permanent press setting (medium)
- Tumble drying is recommended to protect garment's water repellent treatment 

*If contaminants cannot be removed after laundering, it is best to discontinue use of the garment.*