It’s hot - really hot - with temperatures upwards of 3000 degrees. The environment is extreme, even dangerous, and you understand the hazards of your mill or weld shop better than anyone. You need primary thermal protection from radiant heat, molten metals, welding sparks and splatter. And, of course secondary thermal layers to keep you cool and dry.  

We’ve got you covered from head to toe, with hoods, balaclavas, jackets/coats, sleeves, base layers, gloves, liners, pants, chaps, leggings and spats. And if we don’t have the thermal PPE you’re looking for, you can always challenge our design team to create a custom product to meet your specifications. Whether it’s molten metal PPE for a steel mill, pipe or aluminum foundry, or the latest in lightweight welding technology, we have the solutions, with brands you’ve come to know and trust, like CARBON ARMOUR™, Nomex®, Kevlar® and more.

model in aluminized suit model wearing carbon armour