Visibility, protection, comfort and style: National Safety Apparel’s FR hi-vis clothing is made from lightweight, breathable FR fabric that offers 360 degree visibility. From base layers to outerwear, NSA has you covered with ANSI 107 compliant FR hi-vis safety vests, t-shirts, sweatshirts,  in a variety of types and classes. 


We know that it can get hot while working outside. Accordingly, we offer ANSI 107 compliant FR hi-vis clothing that is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Many of our FR hi-vis shirts are moisture wicking, keep you drier and cooler on even the hottest days, and in some cases, warmer on hotter days. For the colder days, we offer FR hi-vis outerwear and foul weather gear to keep you warm and protected. On the days when the weather turns foul, layer these hi-vis garments with our FR rainwear to keep you dry and seen. 

Find out what color of FR hi-vis clothing is right for you with our high visibility safety apparel – orange versus yellow blog post or download the exclusive whitepaper.