Targo Foul Weather Jackets and Bibs offer comfortable and durable oil and gas apparel that protects against flash fires, petroleum, oil-based hazards and hot liquid or steam with GORE-TEX PYRAD® technology. Targo Jackets and Bibs deliver flash fire protection, meet ANSI high visibility standards with comfort and utility.  Order by clicking ‘How to Buy’ to find a distributor near you today.  

Protection of FR Clothing for Oil and Gas Industries

Oilfield and gas workers need flame resistant outerwear that can handle heat, rain, wind, snow and all types of foul weather elements. Targo Jackets and Bibs with GORE-TEX PYRAD technology protect against many of the elements and hazards that faced by these workers on any given day.


Several types of FR rainwear and arc rated rainwear can be bulky and absorb rain. Another element in FR clothing needed by industry workers is workwear that won’t retain water and make it uncomfortable to wear, thus comprising focus and safety because of that lack of comfort. Targo Jackets and Bibs are 100% waterproof against rain and snow.


Resistance to absorbing rain and other types of moisture is one way to ensure gas and oilfield worker’s comfort, and safety by proxy. In addition to having FR gear that protects against precipitation and moisture buildup, one of the other features oil and gas apparel should offer is wind resistance. Targo’s GORE-TEX PYRAD material is windproof, providing additional protection against the elements.

Resistant to Hot Liquids, Steam and Petroleum

One of the most hazardous elements oil and gas industry workers face is exposure to oils, gasses and other fluids brought to the surface or present. From drilling, working in active wells or preparing fluids for delivery, workers need reliable FR clothing that can also protect them from building these flammable chemicals and fluids up on clothing. Targo jackets and bibs offer resistance to petroleum, steam, oil-based muds and other hot liquids.

Flash Fire Resistant

Oil and gas industry workers need to wear FR clothing during a number of tasks. A flash fire, or a short duration thermal exposure is one of the main hazards oil and gas workers face due to the fuel and other vapors involved during those tasks. Targo is both FR and flash fire resistant, making proper FR PPE more comfortable for workers to wear at all times during tasks for both protection and comfort. Targo meets standards for ASTM F2733 for flash fire.

Arc Resistant Rainwear

Targo jackets and bibs are compliant to ASTM F1891 for Arc Flash. This is the arc standard for rainwear being flame resistant. Jobs that have tasks that involve arc flash hazards and rainwear must meet this requirement.


In addition to thermal, chemical and hazard protection, oil and gas workers benefit from FR clothing that ensures safety with enhanced visibility. Targo provides FR, hi-vis rainwear by meeting ANSI/ISEA 107 standards. Yellow and orange Targo jackets meet Type R Class 3 requirements


Learn more about the FR protection and comfort Targo provides oil and gas industry workers in this video.

Watch this video to learn how GORE-TEX PYRAD® technology used in FR rain gear such as the TARGO FR Foul Weather Jacket and Bib protects you comfortably.