Targo Foul Weather gear combines FR, hi-vis safety in hi-vis FR jackets, bib overalls and hoods with the comfortable protection needed during any type of foul weather. GORE-TEX PYRAD® provides the durability needed in oil and gas FR clothing to protect against flash fires, petroleum, oil-based hazards and hot liquids or steam. Stay comfortable in any type of weather, safely visible and protected with Targo FR hi-vis oil and gas workwear. Order by clicking ‘How to Buy’ to find a distributor near you today.  

Quality does not have to be sacrificed for comfort when it comes durable protection for oil and gas workers or other outdoor applications against work hazards and extreme conditions. Targo Jackets, Bibs and foul weather FR gear offer oil and gas workers the ideal balance to get the job done.

Comfortable Oil and Gas FR Clothing

Proper PPE must be worn by employees in the oil and gas industries and other workers facing electrical, fire and visibility hazards. PPE that isn’t comfortable to wear may not be worn, or worn properly due to discomfort. This can cause obvious safety risks as well as a loss in worker productivity.
Comfortable FR clothing is the gateway to compliance – making it much easier for workers to wear the proper PPE at all times all throughout the job and each task. The breathability of Targo Jackets, Bibs and Hoods minimize worker discomfort in the elements in oil fields and other work zones. The GORE-TEX PYRAD and the Targo design is also waterproof and windproof for protection in all types of foul weather conditions.

FR Safety and Protection

Oil and gas workers face several dangerous hazards on any work site during various tasks. Oil and gas FR clothing is important in protection against flash fires but also the buildup of chemicals that contribute to flash fires such as petroleum and oil-based muds. GORE-TEX PYRAD fabric used in Targo Jackets and Bibs is inherently FR as well as resistant to these chemicals, including providing protection against hot liquids and steam.
Targo FR Foul Weather Gear meets several standards necessary for protection in the oil and gas industry, and more:

  • ASTM F2733
  • OSHA 1910.269
  • ASTM F1891 for Arc Flash
  • ASTM F903 for Chemical Penetration
  • Anti-Stat: Fabric meets Gas Probe Shirley Method 138: 2000
  • ANSI/ISEA high visibility standards (varies by color)

Hi-Vis FR Clothing for Oil and Gas Industry

Hi-vis clothing is important for oilfield workers and all types of workers in outdoor industries exposed to chemicals and foul weather. Targo’s high visibility orange and yellow garments protect against hazards that could occur to unnoticed workers in the field. Hi-vis requirements as updated by ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 put oil and gas workers in the “Type O” or, “off-road” work zones, which falls in performance class 3. Classes are ranged 1-3 based on retro-reflective material, color, and body coverage.
Multiple ANSI high visibility performance classes and job designations are met with Targo Jackets, Bibs and Hoods. Each color option of bib and jacket includes retro-reflective trim required to meet the various environment designations.

Learn more about the FR protection and comfort Targo provides oil and gas industry workers in this video.

Watch this video to learn how GORE-TEX PYRAD® technology used in FR rain gear such as the TARGO FR Foul Weather Jacket and Bib protects you comfortably.