Ranging from CAT 2 to CAT 4, with arc ratings from 8 cal to 100 cal, National Safety Apparel offers arc flash suits & kits for a wide variety of protection to meet your specific needs. Our arc flash PPE includes protective FR coveralls, FR jackets, FR shirts, FR gloves, and arc rated head protection such as FR faceshields, FR hoods, FR balaclavas, and FR goggles - all of which keep you protected from arc flash and fire hazards. Comfort matters too: the FR fabric of these garments is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. When you think full body arc flash protection, think NSA.

Arc flash hazards can lead to catastrophic and fatal accidents. National Safety Apparel offers CAT 2 through CAT 4 arc flash PPE to provide full body protection for anyone working in or around an arc flash hazards,. The FR fabrics are made from tested and trusted fabrics such as TECGEN CC™, DuPont™ Kevlar®, Nomex®, and more. These lightweight, breathable, and comfortable fabrics are key factors in avoiding heat-stress related injuries while working in or around any of the following industries:

• Arc flash & general FR applications
• Utilities • Construction
• Power Generation
• Electrical cooperative
• Contractor

To help you pick out the right arc flash PPE and FR clothing, check out our list of 6 arc flash terms you need to know now.

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