Product Care

National Safety Apparel offers a wide variety of protective garments including FR/AR clothinghi-visarc flash PPEFR rainwearthermal & high heat protective clothingcut/mechanical protection, and more. The best way to ensure your protective garments remain effective and last for the longest useful life span is by following the proper product care instructions.

These can vary by product, fabric, product application, and protection offered so the garment label is the first place you should check for the proper care and laundering instructions. If care instructions cannot be found on the garment label, refer to our product care and laundering instructions that have been divided based on product line, brand, fabric, and product.    

Product Lines


 Just as important as knowing what and what not to do, is knowing when to wash your FR garments.  For compliance and safety, a garment should be washed before and after every use.  If a garment has been in storage for too long or stored improperly, it can collect dust and other flammable contaminants. 

Regardless of if a garment was in storage or stored properly, it is important to inspect each garment before use.  So, if you are questioning whether your FR garment needs to be laundered or not, it’s safest to go ahead and wash it.  FR garments also need to be washed and completely dried before storage.  Drying instructions can vary between products and fabrics so they should be included on the garment label with the washing instructions.  No matter what brand or fabric your FR garment is made out of, following the product care instructions on the garment label is the best thing you can do to preserve the effectiveness of the garment and achieve the longest usable lifespan out of it. 

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