Power Generation PPE

Workers in electrical power plants, nuclear power plants and all power generation facilities impact the daily lives of everyone as they keep more than just the lights on. They keep the world turning. With power generation workers serving such an important role in the world, protecting them from the hazards faced in all power plant settings is of the utmost importance.

Electrical hazards that require arc flash PPE are among the most obvious risks for workers on the job. Hoods, bibs, jackets and base layers are important all the way down to selecting the proper voltage rated gloves for working on switchgear equipment. Arc flashes lead to burn injuries that often prove to be severe and even fatal. This drives the importance of arc rated, FR clothing and making sure arc rated clothing and gear meets or exceeds the required level of protection, as identified by an arc flash assessment. Max heat energy, or, calories per cm2, is the calculated incident energy level. Knowing the difference between needing a suit with a 20cal/cm2 rating or a 40cal/cm2 rating can prevent injuries and even fatal accidents. 

Following hierarchy of controls and proper training procedures should lead the way in ensuring power generation workers’ safety. While PPE is the last line of defense against these incidents, National Safety Apparel’s arc flash suits and kits include everything needed for several incident energy levels as well as arc rated FR clothing that’s needed in the event of flash fire hazards. Remember, all arc rated clothing is flame resistant, but not all flame resistant clothing is arc rated. You can easily find the right protection you need in all of National Safety Apparel’s garments that go towards protecting power generation workers in the event of these hazardous incidents.