Oil & Gas Safety Clothing

The oil and gas industry plays a key role in the economy of the US and the world as a whole. Whether it’s on the oil patch in a rig, working on a pipeline or in a well, workers in this industry face unique workplace hazards. All of which warrant protocols in place to keep workers safe, and that includes proper oil and gas safety clothing. In the oil and gas industry, most of the work is done outdoors on rigs, fields and wells under numerous types of weather conditions. In addition to the flash fire hazards as well as hot water, liquid splash and oil based mud build that could lead to additional hazards. National Safety Apparel houses several brands of garments that provide dual hazard protection for workers across any industry. With all of the known hazards workers in this industry face, oil and gas safety clothing must include protection against multiple hazards. 


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Oil and Gas Apparel

Outerwear is the level of oil and gas safety clothing that provides the most protection for oil and gas workers, especially when working outdoors. Working outdoors in the elements, oil fields, rigs and wells create additional safety issues fork workers in the oil and gas industry. The outer layer of oil and gas apparel is the first layer of clothing that protects again potential hazards on the work site, but oil and gas workers need multiple layers that provide ample protection against all of the hazards faced on any given day in the well, in the field or rig. PPE is the last line of defense and finding the right oil and gas apparel makes all the difference guarding against potentially fatal incidents with the several hazards oil and gas workers face, including flash fire, visibility, arc flash, and heat stress. National Safety Apparel can outfit any crew with protection from these hazards with multiple options.

Oil and Gas Hazards

Flash Fire

Flammable gases, vapors and other flammable liquids are present in wells and in fields, which make flash fires a very apparent hazard at every job site. With ignition sources existent at wells, rigs and fields, the first hazard your oil and gas apparel should protect against are flash fires. National Safety Apparel’s line of Targo FR with GORE-TEX PYRAD is flash fire resistant, which self-extinguishes upon exposure to these dangerous short bursts of flame so that clothes don’t ignite or melt. This means the garment won’t contribute to the burn injuries of workers when exposed to flash fires. Minimizing the injuries to workers that are exposed to flash fires is the most important job of oil and gas outerwear when flash fire is the biggest hazard oil and gas workers often face.

Low Visibility/Struck by Injuries

Low-visibility in any industry can lead to struck by incidents that can be preventable by the use of proper hi-vis clothing. Oil and gas workers often have to travel far distances to get to wells, fields, and rigs and work on site with heavy, dangerous motorized equipment. Roadways aren’t typically areas where their work is completed, but on these fields, visibility is an issue that needs to be addressed with proper apparel. In addition to its flame resistant material as well as oil-based muds and steam protection, Targo FR with GORE-TEX PYRAD has three color choices and features to meet ANSI class compliances. These colors each include reflective tape to help with low visibility hazards and working around large motorized equipment. Struck-by incidents can be prevented by hi-vis clothing and outerwear provided by Targo FR with GORE-TEX PYRAD.

Gas Detection

Most oil field and gas workers often carry monitors to be alert to what flammable gasses and vapors they may be exposed to. Many of those are odorless, making exposure more dangerous. The ability to detect potential exposure to an odorless, colorless flammable gas before there is a reaction can be the difference between avoiding a potentially deadly incident presents by these types of gasses and vapors. Multi-hazard oil and gas outerwear should provide protection against all of these potential hazards. Avoid shopping around for multiple pieces with varying protection when you can find one set of outerwear for flash fire, flammable gasses and visibility incidents – Targo FR.

Foul Weather Protection

Foul weather refers to every different type of extreme environment. Oil and gas workers in fields, pipes and rigs are often exposed to varying weather elements depending the time of the year. Workers in this industry are out working in rain, snow, wind and in the hottest summer conditions as well. Staying comfortable as well as ensuring proper protection in any of the elements – rain, cold, and extreme heat is important for safety in the field or on the rig. That is why Targo FR is important for multi-hazard protection while providing breathable, sweat managing comfort in the heat and rain that evaporates moisture with waterproof material. The material in GORE-TEX PYRAD is also windproof and resistant to cracking in low temperatures to stay warm and protected properly in the cold.