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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that oil and gas industry workers wear FR clothing when executing specific tasks on the job. The requirement is due to the presence of flash fire, one of the biggest and most dangerous hazards that oil and gas industry workers face. Not all flame resistant clothing is certified to protect against flash fires, which means oil and gas workers need a specific type of FR clothing for protection against this dangerous hazard.

In addition to flash fire protection, oil and gas industry workers face hazards that include heat stress (and cold stress, although not as prevalent), low visibility, rain, and weather-related issues. Additionally, flame-resistant rainwear for oil and gas workers that protects against flash fire has to meet its own set of standards.


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Flash Fire

One of the most prevalent occupational hazards in the oil and gas industry is flash fire. Workers in this industry are around flammable gasses, oil-based muds, and other vapors that create an environment where flash fires can occur. While flash fires generally have a short duration, they are nonetheless extremely dangerous and potentially fatal if the proper precautions aren’t taken. FR clothing for oil and gas workers require protection that meets standards that go beyond traditional FR clothing.

FR Clothing UL Certified to NFPA 2112 for Flash Fire

Standard flame resistant clothing, regardless of construction or flame-resistant properties, will not protect against flash fire. For FR clothing to protect against flash fire, it must meet all of the requirements for NFPA 2112 and should be tested and evaluated by an independent testing and certification company. NFPA 2112 establishes minimum requirements and test methods for flame-resistant fabrics that are safe to wear when conditions for a flash fire are present.

Visit our blog to learn more about NFPA 2112 and what it means for your company.

TECGEN® FR clothing provides flame-resistant protection that is certified for flash fire protection. UL certified to NFPA 2112 for flash fire protection, TECGEN FR clothing for men and women, includes everything you need from jeans and work shirts, to hoodies, coveralls, and more.


Foul Weather

Working outdoors exposes oil and gas workers to several undesirable weather conditions, including rain, wind, sleet, and other foul weather. In these extreme conditions, rainwear and outerwear need to offer dual protection from flash fire and harsh weather from the inside out. As with any garment, breathability and reducing moisture build-up is just as important for foul weather gear to ensure comfort and flexibility throughout the workday.

ASTM F2733 compliant FR Rainwear

ASTM F2733 is the standard that identifies the test methods rainwear must go through for proven flash fire protection. Specifically:

  • FR rainwear cannot melt or drip,
  • the total body burn must not exceed 40% for flash fire protection and
  • the item must pass tests against water leaks, tearing, and breathability

Targo FR bomber jackets with detachable hoods and bib overalls made with GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric are compliant with ASTM F2733 for FR rainwear and do more than just protect against flash fires. Targo provides oil and gas workers with outerwear that is resistant to hot liquids and steams as well as petroleum and oil-based muds found in rigs and wells. Waterproof and windproof Targo FR rainwear also meets varying ANSI 107 class standards and has an arc rating of 8.8 cal/cm2 (PPE CAT Level 2).


Heat Stress

Working in warm weather climates puts oil and gas workers at risk for heat stress hazards. Drinking plenty of water and planning for breaks in the shade are some precautions workers can take to keep heat stress at bay. Wearing PPE that keeps you cool while protecting from flash fires and other hazards is also a smart choice in preventing issues with heat stress on the job site.

DRIFIRE 4.4 FR Clothing

FR clothing with moisture-wicking technology pulls sweat away from the body and movies that moisture into the air allowing you to remain comfortable and dry. Lightweight and moisture-wicking FR clothing that is breathable and provides needed protection is at your fingertips with DRIFIRE 4.4 FR clothing. The DRIFIRE 4.4 coverall and work shirt help keep you dry and comfortable, are dual certified to protect against arc flash and flash fire hazards, and are made of a lightweight 4.4-ounce proprietary fabric. DRIFIRE 4.4 is also inherently flame resistant, so the FR protection won’t wear or wash out, making it a valuable and reliable FR clothing option for oil and gas workers.


Struck-by Hazards

While flash fire may be the most dangerous hazard oil and gas workers face, collisions and struck-by hazards remain among the most common cause of fatalities and injuries. Working in remote zones with low visibility as well as operating cranes, derricks and other heavy motorized equipment can put workers in danger for struck-by hazards. Incorporating the proper PPE will help to prevent these hazards from becoming fatal.

FR Hi-Vis Clothing

In addition to Targo FR, which meets varying ANSI 107 class standards for hi-vis clothing while providing flash fire protection, VIZABLE® FR jackets meet Type R Class 3 standards for ANSI 107 and are UL certified to NFPA 2112 for flash fire protection. FR Hi-Vis options aren’t limited to just outerwear either. Oil and gas industry workers need to have comfortable next-to-skin layers that provide flash fire protection while keeping comfortable. A useful and reliable option for workers in the oil and gas industry, the VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Dual Hazard Long Sleeve T-shirt features lightweight material that meets standards for ANSI 107 Type R Class 3 and provides flash fire protection.


National Safety Apparel

National Safety Apparel has oil and gas FR clothing options that meet all hazards, conditions, and standards as well as the preferences of individual workers.

If you can't find a specific FR clothing or PPE solution for protection against oil and gas industry hazards on this page or our site, reach out to our design team for a custom solutionYou can also reach out to your regional sales manager for additional questions.

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