Molten Metal Protective Clothing

Molten metal industry workers from steel mills, foundries and welding shops create products that impact your everyday life without even realizing it. Molten metal splash, visibility and exposure to extreme temperatures are severe hazards that National Safety Apparel manufacturing protective clothing to increase worker safety so those products can continue to be produced safely.

National Safety Apparel was founded on manufacturing USA made heat and thermal protective apparel for foundry workers, steel pipe manufacturers and welders. That includes FR clothing with thermal protection such as jackets, pants and base layers that protect from molten metal splash, as well as aluminized PPE clothing that protects against radiant heat in foundries with extreme temperatures. Base layers with FR Control™ play a big role in helping mill and foundry workers keep heat stress from being a distracting hazard that could lead to fatal accidents of other types.

Foundries and welding shop workers also work in conditions where visibility is a hazard, which necessitates Hi-Vis FR work shirts that can provide triple hazard protection for visibility, flash fires and arc flash hazards while staying comfortable.

The long history National Safety Apparel has at manufacturing molten metal protective clothing has allowed metal industry workers the ability to create the products people count on every day and do it safely and get home to their families after a hard day’s work.