HYDROlite FR™ 2.0 with GORE-TEX PYRAD®

Rain, sleet and wind beware. HYDROlite FR™ 2.0 combats extreme weather elements while exceeding the required arc flash and flame resistant protection you need. Rain, sleet and snow roll off GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric and protection keeps the chill at bay. 

Comfortable rain gear that provides arc flash and foul weather protection enables electrical utility workers to safely work long hours in challening conditions and on challenging tasks. GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric combines protection from arc flashes with a PPE CAT Level 3 rating, waterproof and windproof protection as well as hi-visibility protection that meets and exceeds ANSI 107-2020 and CSA Z96-15.

GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric provides utility lineman proven protection from the elements, arc flash exposure with the comfort and durability needed in utility workwear.


The highly breathable construction of GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric helps decrease sweat buildup, keeping workers cooler in warm conditions and warmer in cool conditions. This lightweight fabric dries to the touch quickly, reducing the uncomfortable, cold, clammy feeling from damp foul weather gear. GORE-TEX PYRAD is proven protection from the elements and arc flash and flash f ire.

The self extinguishing fabric remains durable when exposed to direct flames during potential arc flash hazards and improves utility worker safety near roadways by meeting hi-visibility requirements. Utility workwear with GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric offers superior resistance and durability and protecion afer multiple cleaning cycles when following proper care instructions. For more information on GORE-TEX PYRAD utility workwear, contact us at 800-553-0672 (ext. 2).  

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