GORE-TEX PYRAD® Oil & Gas Foul Weather Outerwear

Flame resistant, waterproof, breathable outerwear

HYDROflash 2 Layer GORE-TEX PYRAD® provides a superior combination of protection, comfort, and durability making it the ideal solution for oil & gas industrial applications. Durably resistant to flame, foul weather, and petroleum & other common oil based muds, the GORE-TEX PYRAD foul weather outerwear enhances worker safety by reducing the the risk of injury from a broad range of industrial threats and hazardous conditions. Made to be light weight and breathable, this foul weather outerwear and raingear ensures worker comfort by increasing range of motion, minizing bulk, and reducing the effect of moisture build-up.    




HYDROflash 2 Layer GORE-TEX PYRAD® products offer safety & protection, comfort, and durability with ANSI 107-2020 compliance. These products are flash-fire resistant, foul weather protective, hot water/liquid splash & steam resistant, and petroleum & oil based mud resistant. For comfort, they are lightweight and flexible while remaining waterproof and windproof. For peak durability, they are abrasion and snag resistant as well as cold crack resitant in extremely low temperatures. For more information on GORE-TEX PYRAD, contact us at 800-553-0672 (ext. 2). 

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