Food Manufacturing Clothing

The safety of workers in the food processing industry can have an effect on everyone. Injuries during food manufacturing can range from potentially fatal accidents like flash fires, combustible dust, and arc flash when handling processing electrical equipment, all the way down to cuts, and thermal injuries.

Ensuring worker safety benefits everyone including the food processing companies and plants, workers and the consumers. Finding the right protective clothing for food processing workers that can cover for every potential hazard that are so wide ranging can be difficult.

Food processing lab shirts and coats can be dual certified to protect against flash fires and arc flash hazards for work around processing machinery. Thermal PPE is also a consideration for workers handling food processing with products that are kept at extreme low temperatures.

Cut protection handling cutting machinery with food products that provide cut, puncture and abrasion protection ensure that workers are protected from such hazards and reduces potential contamination issues.

National Safety Apparel manufactures clothing to protect food processing workers to ensure their safety to complete jobs that impact the daily lives of everyone.