Enespro DC Utility Voltage Detector


  • The world’s first genuine DC non-touch voltage detector
  • Tester includes batteries and charger, padded hard metal carry case, and air pump
  • Specifically designed for direct current detection in industrial environments
  • Senses voltage from 50 to ∞ VDC
  • Eight sensitivity settings for more voltage range
  • Imported
  • Never submerge in water. If fully submerged, moisture could enter the enclosure and damage detection sensors leading to reduced warning distances or failure to detect a “live” voltage
  • Keep out of contact with any chemical substance.
  • Avoid high heat and high moisture areas.
The AG Safety DC Utility Voltage Detector determines that there is voltage present before approaching the scene. Choose the setting to help understand the danger.

National Safety Apparel expanded their brand offerings to include AG SafetyTM featuring electrical safety equipment. Increasing their arc flash product offering, the electrical safety equipment protects against arc flash and voltage hazards. AG Safety includes voltage detectors, rubber insulating gloves, insulated tools, roll blankets and more.

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When approaching an electrical hazard, it’s crucial to know whether electricity is present before reaching the approach boundary or energized equipment. With AG Safety™ voltage detectors, you can detect if there is live power without contact, allowing for safer work practices, to get you home safely day after day.

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Our blankets come in Class 0, 00, and 1 Rubber and PVC protection. They come in a variety of sizes and are both self-extinguishing and resistant to extremely low temperatures.

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