Electrical Safety Clothing for Contractors

Energized power lines and equipment and dealing with improperly installed electrical equipment exposes electrical contractors to a number of safety hazards. Shocks and arc flashes account for serious and often fatal electrical accidents that require careful attention, planning and PPE.

Electrical contractors work on energized equipment, wiring and lines both indoors and outdoors. Contractors performing this work need electrical and arc flash protection that can provide the proper protection while maintaining comfort in both indoor and outdoor settings, especially when there is unpredictable weather outdoors. Arc rated rain gear along with arc rated base layers allow contractors to remain comfortable on hot, cold and rainy days.

Arc flash protective gear is important for electrical contractors and any industry working with energized equipment. Arc flashes can cause burn injuries, which is why it’s important to have FR clothing that is arc rated. All arc rated clothing is flame resistant, not all flame resistant clothing is arc rated. Self-extinguishing FR clothing that is arc rated can help prevent severe and fatal burn injuries.

It’s important to select the right arc flash electrical PPE including voltage rated gloves. National Safety Apparel’s arc-rated gear, including arc flash suits, arc flash rain gear, face shields and voltage rated are all carefully manufactured and tested to meet arc flash standards such ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E.