Hi-Vis FR Construction Safety Workwear

On any construction site, whether a property, roadway or anywhere else, ensuring worker visibility should be a major priority to prevent stuck by hazards. This type of hazard can occur too commonly on construction sites from worker operated motorized equipment and pedestrian operated vehicles. There are a lot of hazards and injuries that can present themselves to construction workers on any type of job site that require proper training to prevent these issues. Struck-by hazards are very preventable with the USA made hi-vis workwear that you can find from National Safety Apparel in the form of FR hi-vis, non-FR, including vests, work shirts, outerwear and base layers.

Electrical accidents occur on construction site every day from coming into contact with overheard or underground power cables as well as working with electrical equipment and machinery. These electrical accidents can lead to or be the cause of other construction worker safety issues like falls from elevated structures. Providing PPE for these hazards can reduce the potential for other hazards to present themselves or take place.

Comfortable workwear, including USA made hi-vis that provides flame resistant protection, versatility and comfort should all be considered as a part of your PPE plan for construction safety workwear to ensure workers are wear proper protective clothing and remain compliant on a daily basis.