Heat Stress and PPE

Exposure to high temperatures on the job can put workers at risk of heat stress. Whether that be outdoor or indoor work conditions, heat stress poses a threat to worker health and productivity.

Alongside environmental acclimatization, rest breaks, and proper hydration, employers can also help to ensure workers are supplied appropriate personal protective equipment or PPE.

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5 Causes of Heat Stress and How to Avoid It

As the weather starts to get warmer in the northern hemisphere, the daily risks of heat stress and heat stroke increase. Workers in outdoor environments like those working in the utilities, oil & gas, and construction industries are at a greater risk.  Heat stress occurs when the body’s natural cooling processes fail to effectively regulate body temperature. Signs of heat stress can include fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, flu-like symptoms, cramping, dizziness, rash from excessive sweating, fainting and more. Not only is heat stress a health hazard, workers suffering from heat exhaustion are at greater risk for accidents since they are less alert and may not be able to think clearly. It is important to know the risks of heat stress and how to properly mitigate them to stay healthy and productive.

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Best Practices for Arc Flash PPE During COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have had to reassess and restructure many of our daily practices. Many things we never thought twice about doing suddenly bring into question whether they may put us at risk. Sharing PPE (personal protection equipment) has been a common practice we’ve done for years, especially when it comes to more costly items, like arc flash kits for electrical maintenance and aluminized clothing for molten metal protection. As concerns continue to grow over the spread of coronavirus, so do our daily inquiries about sanitizing PPE. We have turned to the CDC and arc flash industry expert Hugh Hoagland for guidance.

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The Choice for FR Clothing is Yours

Workers need their FR clothing to provide protection from the arc and flame hazards while on the job and comfort, regardless of body type and fit. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference, sometimes it’s a specific combination, and it’s typically determined by a hazard analysis done by your company.

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National Safety Apparel® Expands its House of FR Brands to Include HauteWork® Women's FRC

Cleveland, OH (November 1, 2019) – National Safety Apparel® (NSA) is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with HauteWork®, an upscale brand of flame resistant clothing (FRC) with a mission to design safe, comfortable, and stylish FRC that is flattering for all women.  The partnership of HauteWork and National Safety Apparel further represents NSA's commitment to having a "house of FR Brands" and supporting women in the work force.

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Selecting Arc Flash & Flash Fire Foul Weather Gear - Pt 3

As more solutions and features become available for flame resistant foul weather gear, selecting a garment can become complicated. To help simplify the process, we’ve outlined the applications, hazards, and fabric technologies that will help you determine the best selection.

This three part blog series has been adapted from the Selecting Arc Rated Flame Resistant Foul Weather Gear Webinar. It is available on-demand HERE.


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