Selecting Arc Flash & Flash Fire Foul Weather Gear - Pt 2


Further Protection: Check the Label

In addition to considering the hazards from foul weather and desired comfort features, specific industry hazards should be taken into account as well. Foul weather garments go through a rigorous testing process to assure the item offers protection from a variety of work hazards. The relevant testing and compliance should be listed on the garment.


For more detail on arc flash, flash fire, visibility, chemical splash, hot liquid and steam, and anti-static protection standards view the Selecting Arc Rated Flame Resistant Foul Weather Gear Webinar.


The first thing that you should look at when making a selection is understanding what specifications are required to protect from the hazards of your application. The manufacturer of the garment should be able to provide you with a very clear list of the standards that their garment complies with. Videos are also a great resource flash fire and arc flash test videos allow you to see the actual results of the manikin tests. National Safety Apparel posts many of these videos of our products and competitive testing on our YouTube Channel.

FR Polyurethane Nylon Rainwear Flash Fire Test VS HYDROlite FR Flash Fire Test


This blog series has been adapted from the National Safety Apparel webinar: Selecting Arc Rated Flame Resistant Foul Weather Gear in partnership with Safeopedia. You can view the full presentation and power point as well as additional Q&A and resources at:


Read Part 1 Here


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dionne Murray brings more than thirty years of experience in safety product knowledge and training.  Starting in the family business, Safety & Supply Company in the 80s, Dionne developed her passion for product knowledge and training.  She served the industry on the Washington State Construction Safety Council, ASSE and Labor & Industry. She has conducted training programs in fall protection, respiratory fit testing, gas detection and calibration and hearing conservation and has assisted users in many industries in proper selection and application of fall protection systems, gas detection systems, arc-rated / flame resistant clothing and rainwear and high visibility safety apparel.  Dionne joined National Safety Apparel in 2013, bringing her passion and knowledge for High Visibility and FR fabrics to a Product Manager position.
Today, as Senior Product Manager for High Visibility and Rainwear at National Safety Apparel, Dionne develops new products, provides field sales support and product training.  With her team, she collaborates to improve customer experiences by providing solutions to the ever-changing needs in flame resistant and standard workwear high-visibility and rainwear.  Dionne is currently serving on the ISEA High Visibility Products Group (ANSI 107 Committee) and the ASTM F23 Committee on Personal Protective clothing & Equipment.


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