National Safety Apparel Selected as 2018 Business Longevity Awards Honoree

National Safety Apparel has been selected as an honoree for the 2018 Smart Business Business Longevity Awards. The Business Longevity Awards, presented by Smart Business Network Inc., recognize local organizations with at least 50 years in business that demonstrate an ability to adapt and evolve with the changing times. These awards celebrate the rich history of Northeast Ohio’s business community and acknowledge the specific companies that have made it all possible.  
National Safety Apparel’s 80+ years of business began in 1935. Walter “Wally” Grossman realized after graduating from school that finding employment in the midst of the Great Depression was not going to be easy. He then began developing and manufacturing heat and thermal protective apparel for foundry workers, steel pipe manufacturers and welders in his father’s basement in Cleveland, Ohio. It wasn’t long before Wally’s business took off and his father, George, quit his job and began working alongside his son. Together, they started a successful family business despite severe economic conditions.
Today, NSA is a fourth generation, family-owned USA manufacturer of safety apparel for seven key industrial markets: arc flash PPE, FR clothing, thermal and mechanical protection, high visibility, FR/arc rated rainwear, and military FR protection. Since 1935, National Safety Apparel has been a reliable source for quality craftsmanship and industry leading technology that continues to innovate and grow as a company. From acquisitions to patents and proprietary fabrics and garments, NSA has been anything but stagnant. This consistent growth has created hundreds of jobs at the two locations in Northeast Ohio and our newest acquisition, NSA Rubin Bros LLC in Chicago, IL. The focus on innovation has made National Safety Apparel well known as an industry leader in design and technology. 
For additional information, contact:
Heidi Sweeney
Director of Marketing
Phone: 800.553.0672 x 862


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