The Importance of FR Winter Head Protection

You may have heard of the myth that 70% of your body heat is lost through your head, and while this is only a myth, it is still extremely important to keep your head covered this winter. The amount of body heat lost depends on how much skin you expose, not the particular body. Since the head only makes up about 10 percent of the average body’s total area, it can only account for 10 percent of total body heat lost.

Although the head does not naturally lose heat disproportionately from the body, leaving your head exposed while the rest of your body is covered can cause this disproportionate loss of heat. Check out the video to the right, created by University of Michigan Professor Andrew Maynard, which debunks the 70% myth and illustrates how heat is lost through the body.

The best way to protect yourself from the cold is to have full body coverage, including your head. When it comes to working outside around arc flash and fire hazards, this is often not as easy as it sounds. Once you’ve found the proper FR workwear and outerwear for cold weather, don’t forget to complete your full body coverage with winter head protection. The specific FR headwear that will work best for you will depend on your potential hazards, employer requirements, and personal preference.


Not just for your neck. These multifunction accessories can be worn in a variety of different ways to meet your individual needs and preferences. Here are just a few of the style options that are possible. Available in single or double layer DRIFIRE knit and temperature regulation FR Control 2.0™.

FR Neck Gaiter



The high stretch knit makes it easy to pull up over your mouth and nose for additional protection and warmth.


This neck gaiter can easily convert to a balaclava. Pull the back up over your head, then pull the front over your mouth and nose.


Easily convert your neck gaiter to a headband by pulling it up over your forehead. This works great to cover your ears and keep your head warm without interfering with your hard hat.




Sleek design built for comfort. The hinged front panel makes it easy to customize your level of coverage. Available in single or double layer DRIFIRE knit and Power Grid FR Fleece.

FR Balaclava

Full Coverage

Pull the front panel up over your nose and mouth.


Pull the front panel down below your mouth.

Low Coverage

Pull the top back and down for just face and/or neck coverage.


Our exclusive design for the harshest weather conditions. The fleece is lightweight, breathable and fast drying for warmth without the weight. The inner liner wicks away moisture from the skin for another measure of added comfort and warmth.

FR Fleece Hood


Cinch up the hood close around your face with the adjustable draw string.

No Hood

Pull the top back and down for just face and/or neck coverage.

Face Coverage

Adjust the inner facial liner up over nose and mouth or completely down.


Attached gaiter provides additional coverage and protection. The best way to stay warm and protected this winter is to top off your FR outerwear with FR winter head protection. Staying dry is an important part of mitigating cold stress so choose FR protection that is also moisture wicking is highly recommended. Options like DRIFIRE and FR Control 2.0 will work to keep you both warm and dry throughout the day. With so many FR winter head protection options available, from neck gaiters and balaclavas to hoods and beanies, National Safety Apparel offers a wide variety of headwear options to meet your requirements and personal preferences.

Additional resources: OSHA's Winter Weather Guide


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