Getting Smart With Rubber Voltage Glove Testing

Did you know that electrical shock is the leading cause of electrical injury?1 To protect against electrical shock hazards anyone working on energized equipment is required to wear voltage rated gloves (VRG’s).

At National Safety Apparel®, our goal is always to provide a reliable and convenient solution to meet our customers’ PPE needs, and our voltage rated gloves are no exception. We recognize the sense of urgency that comes with providing protection for a growing workforce or a team responding to an emergency event. Our ArcGuard® Rubber Voltage Gloves are stocked in high volumes and available for quick delivery so our products can get to work as soon as you need them. 

VRG Testing & Shelf Life

Before going into service, VRGs must be dielectrically tested to confirm their protective properties. Once a glove passes its initial proof test, it is stamped with the date it was tested and its shelf life begins.

ArcGuard voltage rated gloves have the test date located near the bottom of the cuff, on the palm side of the glove. The test date is important because rubber voltage gloves must be put into use within 12 months of the initial proof test. Any glove that has not been put into use within 12 months of the test date needs to be sent for another proof test to ensure it will still offer the appropriate level of protection.

All ArcGuard voltage rated gloves ship out of our Cleveland, Ohio headquarters- freshly tested with an extensive shelf life. Delivering gloves that have been freshly tested provides our customers a maximized timeframe to put that glove into use. This can help alleviate the stress of keeping extra gloves on hand to fulfill unexpected needs. A longer shelf life lowers the likelihood of a glove’s proof test expiring before the glove goes into service. Once a glove goes into service, it must be re-tested within 6 months of that first in service date. See our ArcGuard® Rubber Voltage Glove User Instructions for more information on the proper use and care of rubber voltage gloves.


When in doubt, get your QR scanner out!

Want some extra peace of mind when it comes to your PPE? Each ArcGuard VRG has a data matrix/QR code conveniently located on the back of each glove. This proprietary technology gives our users instant access to their glove’s electronic test report along with comprehensive specs.






Simply download a QR scanner app on your iPhone or Android device. Below are the recommended apps for each type of device.



Click here or Scan the QR Code to the right to see our tutorial on how to access your glove’s test report. 

Freshly tested, with leading edge test visibility AND in-stock and ready to ship – National Safety Apparel is your resource for voltage rated gloves. Shop rubber voltage gloves in pairs or in kits and contact us today at 800-553-0672.


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