Do you know the Difference between Personalization and Customization?

NSA helps you easily Customize and Personalize your Safety Apparel.

“How can we customize safety apparel for our specific needs?” This is something our customers say a lot! We recognize many companies and industries need apparel that offers specific safety protection or has unique functional requirements not currently available in the marketplace. Our in-house design team is ready to help with options and solutions to fit your needs.


Our quick solutions process helps us work with your specific requirements, unlike some competitors, our in-house manufacturing guarantees we can deliver it quickly. From personalizing garments to meet your colors, logos, or style, to custom design changes to enhance safety, National Safety Apparel is your trusted partner.


At NSA, we know safety is always personal.

Your FR clothing can be personalized or customized to fit your needs, see the difference, and what is best for you and your team.


Personalizing an existing garment can include adding a name, logo,  heat-transfer graphic, emblem, patch, or reflective trim, offering increased visibility for your brand and safety for the wearer. Adding a company logo offers a professional touch and increased visibility for your brand.  

PERSONALIZATION: adding an element to a garment 

Employees enjoy the sense of ownership a personalized garment adds, and employers benefit from the accountability that comes with identifying their team on the job.

Our quick solutions process makes personalizing your garments easy, with plenty of options to choose from and fast turn-around times.


CUSTOMIZATION: modifying a garment for your specific needs

While personalization adds elements to an existing garment, customizing is more complex and tailored to your specific protection and safety needs.


We recognize companies have unique jobs and are dedicated to meeting your garment challenges. An ill-fitting garment can be dangerous and reduce the required level of protection needed. Quality, comfortable clothing lets your team focus on their job, and workers who have a proper PPE fit are more productive and protected.


When you need a protective improvement such as the addition or removal of a metal component or a functional improvement such as changing the amount and type of pockets, NSA is your trusted design partner.​​​​​​


Ready to elevate your company’s visibility?

Your customization starts with your regional sales manager. They listen to your challenges and pair your knowledge and expertise with their experience to identify a product that works for you. Call 800.553.0672 ext. 2 to get connected and discuss your needs to find the ideal solution. 


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