ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Standard Updates

Hi-Vis requirements have evolved with the launch of ANSI/ISEA 107-2015. Are you complying with the standard as it stands today? 

There are multiple changes and new terminology. It’s important that you learn all you need to know about the new ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standard to ensure that you - and your workers - stay safe & compliant. 


5 Things about ANSI 107-2015 Updates 

1. Current ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 and ANSI/ISEA 207-2011 garments are still acceptable and compliant.

There is no requirement to change any of your existing garments. This standard offers enhancements and clarification that will evolve High Visibility over the coming years.


2. New Garment HVSA Types added to Class Definitions


  • Type O = Off Road - Non Roadway

  • Type R = Roadway

  • Type P = Public Safety (ANSI 207 merged)

NEW HVSA Class Definitions

• Type O - Class 1O

• Type R - Class 2R and Class 3R

• Type P - Class 2P and Class 3P

• Type Supplemental - Class E

3. Smallest Size Garments Type R

Small size workers wearing oversize garments can be a safety hazard. While NSA has always offered Small sizes we are pleased the standard now allows for less background material required for the “smallest” size for both ROADWAY type Classes.

Smallest size garment may have LESS background material
•    Class 2R = 540 instead of 775 square inches
•    Class 3R = 1000 instead of 1240 square inches


4. Non FR labeling Now Required

“This garment is non flame resistant as defined by ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Section 10.5”

•     Garments not tested to meet Flame Resistant performance criteria of standards listed in ANSI are required to have Non FR labelling.  ASTM D6413 and NFPA 701 are NOT accepted as they allow fabrics that melt and drip.


5. Balanced Design including Logo Allowances

•    Front & Back of garments now required to have no less than 40% of the minimum required background material and reflective.
•    Logos of non ANSI compliant materials will not cover more than 72 square inches of the background material, no more than 22 square inches of reflective material, and will not make a break in the Horizontal reflective greater than 1.97 inches. *Example of 72 square inches is a 2”x4” logo on the front chest and an 8”x8” logo on the back.

If you’d like more information, Dionne Murray Lemer - Senior Product Manager of High Visibility & Rainwear at National Safety Apparel - recently gave her expert advice on how to apply ANSI 107-2015. Check it out here.

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