5 Ways To Stay Warm This Fall With FR Garments

Like all good things, summer must come to an end. Fall is quickly approaching and with it comes foul weather and cold temperatures. Thankfully, staying warm, dry, and compliant doesn’t have to be hard. 

Finding the proper work wear and foul weather gear will depend on the environment, work conditions/practices, and potential hazards you face. Rain, low visibility, and cold temperatures are just a few of the factors that need to be considered when selecting the proper FR workwear and outerwear. Equally important to staying warm and dry is remaining compliant to industry standards for safety. Layering FR garments is a great way to stay warm and dry, but, if not done properly, it can interfere with the necessary requirements for compliance to the industry and employer standards. Whether you comply with OSHA 1910, NFPA 70E, and NFPA 2112 outer most layers must be FR

To prepare you for the change of seasons, here are 5 ways to stay warm and remain compliant this fall. 



Wearing base layers under your FR work wear is a great way to provide the extra warmth needed as the temperature starts to drop this fall. Options like the FR Control 2.0 works with your body’s own energy to proactively regulate skin temperature (+/- 3 degrees), keeping you warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot. This combines with moisture wicking and odor control to keep you feeling comfortable under your regular uniform. Moisture wicking is not just for summer. Staying dry is an important part of maintaining body heat when it’s cold out. DRIFIRE lightweight base layers feature superior moisture wicking and dry 3-4x faster than cotton, making them a great for all seasons.

Don’t forget your bottoms! Both DRIFIRE® and FR Control 2.0 come in long johns, for added warmth under your favorite FR jeans.  



Summer may be ending, but the work never does. As the temperature drops, staying warm becomes an important part of staying safe. Cold Stress can occur even in mild temperatures, causing the body to use most of its energy to maintain its temperature. When you’re busy trying to keep warm, it can be very difficult to focus on getting the job done. Layering is a great way to take your workwear into the next season. Staples like TECGEN SELECT® FR and DRIFIRE® 4.4™provide superior dual-hazard protection while remaining lightweight and breathable.

Stay comfortable and increase warmth by adding a deluxe unlined bib overall over your daily wear. The durable 13 oz. duck has a water repellent finish to shed light rain and snow. Throw an FR zip front sweatshirtover top for extra insulation. There are a wide range of options available from the premium lightweight DRIFRIE hoodie to the insulated heavyweight sweatshirt. Keeping layers light and adding as the temperature drops is the best way to keep warm without overheating or decreasing mobility. 


As the seasons change, days get shorter and the amount of daylight decreases. Unpredictable fall weather can lead to low visibility conditions, making it even more important for workers to wear their hi-vis safety apparel (HVSA). Keeping all of your layers ANSI 107 compliant allows you to layer up or down depending on the conditions throughout the day.

Start with the FR Control 2.0 Hi-Vis base layer tee for CAT 1 compliance. For CAT 2 protection and additional warmth, the VIZABLE FR Hi-Vis Work Shirt can be layered on top of the FR Control 2.0 tee. Both shirts are moisture wicking and breathable so they work together as a moisture management system to keep you dry. As we approach winter and the days get colder, add the FR Hi-Vis Hybrid Bomber Jacket on top. The bomber includes a water and wind resistant exterior and FR quilted liner for extra insulation to protect from weather, without sacrificing visibility. Features like hidden knit cuffs, storm flap, and elastic waistband also work to keep cold air out. 




In the fall, rain is inevitable – and when it rains, it pours. Be prepared for these days with the HYDROlite FR Rainwear kit. Perfect for foul weather and rain, the waterproof HYDROlite FR features GORE-TEX® PYRAD® fabric, making it lighter, more breathable, and simply more comfortable than its closest competitors. The kit includes an FR hi-vis storm jacket and FR hi-vis bib overall, both of which exceed the ANSI 107 visibility requirements for breathable FR rainwear, keeping you visible even in extreme conditions while on the job. When you work as hard you do, cold weather doesn’t mean you stop sweating. For added comfort under your rainwear, choose layers that are breathable and moisture wicking to maintain comfort without overheating. 





(DF2-560CNG): In addition to the other options, FR head gear can be a great way to increase warmth and protection. Just like with outerwear, head gear and accessories need to be FR to comply with both NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E. Gaiters aren’t just for keeping your neck warm. This all-purpose solution can be converted into many different styles, including a hood, balaclava, and headband to keep your ears warm. Options like the DRIFIRE Cold Weather Neck Gaiter add warmth and use moisture management technology to keep you dry.

(H01FWCAP) Our Power Grid™ FR Fleece Cap and Balaclava are another innovative solution for staying warm this fall, and into winter. Soft-to-the-touch fleece and superior breathability provides warmth without additional weight so there’s no fear of overheating. 4-way stretch technology and flat seams offer comfortable coverage, even under your hard hat.

While your choices will be dependent on relative industry standards and employer requirements, these options can serve as a guide to help you select the proper FR workwear and outerwear this fall. For additional information on FR workwear and outerwear, contact us through email at customerservice@thinknsa.com or by phone at 1-800-553-0672.


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