5 Things You Need to Know About NSA’s New Partnership with HauteWork®


National Safety Apparel® (NSA) is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with Hautework®, an upscale brand of women’s flame resistant clothing (FRC) with a mission to design safe, comfortable, and stylish FRC that is flattering for all women.  


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HauteWork® is an Upscale Brand of Women's Flame-Resistant Clothing (FRC)


HauteWork is a fashionable brand of Flame-Resistant Clothing (FRC) made for working women by working women with a mission to design safe, comfortable, functional, and stylish FRC that is flattering for all female forms. Gone are the days of frumpy, over-sized potentially hazardous ‘unisex’ garments, often tailored to a man’s body: women deserve their own FRC brand. HauteWork delivers stylish garments that offer women a variety of design options to choose from tailored to their job needs and body size while also offering a variety practical and fun color options. From a 70’s retro design inspired jump-suit to high-waisted knit pants and a classic henley, you no longer need to sacrifice your personal style while on the job.


Read the official Press Release announcing NSA’s Partnership with HauteWork


HauteWork® was Founded by Petroleum Engineer Jaime Glas


In 2010, when Jaime Glas was a college student, she spent the summer in Bakersfield interning for Chevron. The instant she suited up in her first pair of FR coveralls she thought, “We can do better than this.” From that moment on, she made it her mission to design safe, comfortable, and stylish FRC that is flattering for all women. It took a year just to research the safety requirements and another three for designing, making samples and selecting a manufacturer. “When you think of work wear, it is all rugged and manly looking, but after doing research on the clothing, there is no reason it can’t look like normal fashion trends.” (


HauteWork® is FR Clothing Made for Women


There are women-specific issues when it comes to PPE, particularly issues with oversized ‘one size fits most’ garments. Fit specific Issues can negatively impede on a worker’s ability to perform a task safely. Oversized garments can decrease mobility, dexterity and coordination.  Ill-fitting PPE can also leave a worker accident prone and at risk of tripping or catching on equipment.

The HauteWork brand of FR clothing provides women with fit-specific options tailored to their unique figure, while still offering the comfort, protection and flexibility needed to perform the job at hand.

Jaime explains, “The reality is that wearing ill-fitting FR garments can be extremely unsafe. Offering properly fitting garments for women is our primary mission, but adding a few style elements here and there does not compromise this motivation whatsoever. Plus, you have to wear these clothes for most of the day, so you might as well feel good in them.” (


For more about Women’s PPE view the Comfort & Compliance in Women’s PPE webinar hosted by Melissa Dixon, NSA product Manager and Jaime Glas, NSA Business Development Manager


HauteWork® Places an Emphasis on Comfort, Compliance, and CONFIDENCE


HauteWork is motivated by the understanding that comfort and confidence go hand in hand when it comes to job performance. A key part of that confidence is the assurance that you have the right tools for the job – and in the oil and gas and utility industries, FR clothing that fits correctly is a critical tool.

Jaime shares, “We hope to further build confidence in working women and provide one more incentive to encourage women to join the STEM fields that we have proudly chosen.” Women aren’t one size fits all and their clothing shouldn’t be either. That’s where HauteWork comes in. Carefully crafted with fabrics that are moisture wicking and breathable women can feel confident in their PPE and focus on the job at hand.  Jaime explains, “A key part in people respecting your abilities is your confidence, and feeling confident in what you’re wearing is part of that.” (


HauteWork® is Available Through National Safety Apparel's Website


The partnership of HauteWork and National Safety Apparel further represents NSA's commitment to having a "house of FR Brands" and supporting women in the work force. Together with the already established NSA brand of Women’s apparel, women will have an increased variety of choices and size options (from XS – 5X as well as curvy options) for comfortable FR apparel that fits, protects and helps them get the job done! NSA is currently offering several HauteWork options for industry professionals to choose from including jumpsuits, fleece sweaters, pants, and henleys, many available in stock or customizable and in an assortment of colors.


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