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In 1935 Wallace “Wally” Grossman graduated from school and realized employment wasn’t going to be easy due to the economic conditions. As a result, he started a business in his father’s basement where he began to manufacture Heat and Thermal protective apparel. It wasn’t long before the business took off and his father, George, quit his job and began working alongside his son. Together they started a successful family business during severe economic conditions.

The family business has continued to grow over the years and is known today as, National Safety Apparel. When asked about the history of NSA, Chuck Grossman, current owner and President responded with: “Our business began with Heat and Thermal products and the intent to provide the highest quality of protective apparel for individuals engaging with high heat hazards. Today, we are a fourth generation owned family business that understands the importance of safety, quality, comfort, and customization. Never satisfied, we continue to innovate and enhance our selection of products every day. Innovation is the core value that drives us each day to be superior.”

At National Safety Apparel, we provide many advantages to help make your purchasing decision easier. We are proud to manufacture in the U.S. in an ISO certified facility, which allows us to offer product customization and personalization to any of our products and the ability to develop products to best meet your specific needs and hazards. Our outside sales team and inside customer service department are ready and adept to address your needs, questions, and requests. Since 1935, workers across the country have relied on NSA’s safety apparel and quality craftsmanship.

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