12 Cal FR/AR Goggle & Balaclava Combo


One Size Fits Most
  • Arc Rating: 12 cal/cm²
  • CAT 2
  • Fabric/Material: UltraSoft®/OPF Para-Aramid/OPF Blend
  • Lightweight alternative for 12 cal with 360 degree head protection
  • Provides increased flexibility with excellent breathability
  • Goggles feature baffled top and bottom vents for increased airflow and comfortable elastic strap to secure goggles
  • Anti-fog inner lens
  • Full facial protection extends below neckline
  • Stretch material keeps head and neck comfortable
  • Nose covering
  • Made in the USA
  • Arc Rating: 12 cal/cm²
  • CAT 2
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 (Impact Rating Z81+)
  • DO NOT use ammonia based cleaners. DO NOT use any abrasives or polishes. NEVER use if cracked or broken.
  • Remove from hood if applicable. Wash with warm soapy water. Mild soap only. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Always transport and store your faceshield, goggles, and glasses in a soft cloth bag to minize wear & tear.
  • Wash according to the instructions above to remove any contaminants in order to maintain performance when garment becomes soiled with dirt, greases, oils, etc.
  • If contaminants cannot be removed after laundering, it is best to discontinue use of garment.